Dacha gastropub is a project by Lucky Group with its own brewery and fireplace located at Novy Arbat


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  • Bogdan Panchenko and Ivan Kukarskih – Founders (shot by Glen Ballis)

    With a shared international background and a true ambition to excel in the food and beverage sphere, Ivan and Bogdan struck up a synergetic partnership from day one. In 2013, Ivan founded BB Burgers, which has quickly become one of the most successful burger restaurant chains in Russia. Meanwhile, Bogdan was having his own success becoming a key supplier to the nation’s capital, providing fresh vegetables and fruit from all over Russia.
  • Dominik Ramanauskas – Co-founder

    He opened his first project in 2020 - Mates on Malaya Bronnaya and a year later entered into a partnership on DACHA gastropub. The main values are purity and love.
  • Yuliya Osadchaya – Head Manager

    She started her career path in 2003 as a waiter in Volgograd. Then she worked as a maitre d', a hotel F&B service manager and a restaurant development deputy director. After receiving the position of executive director at Bamberg Group, she moved to Moscow and became an executive director.
  • Elizaveta Yakovets – PR

    Graduated from the Higher School of Economics. Since 20 years old has been engaged in marketing in the restaurant field. Having gained experience in a large advertising company, she opened her own agency and in 2018 moved to Lucky Group during their first Margarita Bistro project. Her value is working with mind and heart.
  • Glen Ballis – Brand chef

    Born in Australia, upon finishing culinary school, Glen worked eight years domestically before moving to Southeast Asia, where he spent the next twenty years fine tuning his trade, before moving to London. In 2006, he was offered a position to open a restaurant in Moscow and he never looked back. From there, he has positioned himself as a business partner with some of Moscow's top restaurants, renowned for their delicious tastes and eclectic styles. In addition, Ballis owns three restaurants in Singapore, which are managed by his son.
  • Arthur Nam – Chef

    Arthur's career began in Israel, where, while studying to be an engineer, he began working as an assistant in a restaurant and simultaneously studying to be a cook. After 8 years of working in various projects, he became a chef in a Mediterranean restaurant. Later Arthur moved to Russia and got the position of chef in a group of restaurants in Lipetsk, and later – in the projects "Meat & Fish", "Brasserie Lambic" and "Pythagoras" in Moscow.
  • Sergey Zaletov – Bar Manager

    First appeared behind the bar in 2010 at the Hard Rock restaurant on Arbat Street. Further, thanks to his work at the Intercontinental and Four Seasons hotels for 3 years, Sergey managed to master the skills of service and guest service. His career path as a bartender continued at the Mendeleev bar and Margarita bistro, where Sergey completely immersed himself in the world's cocktail culture.
  • Dmitry Kipelkin – Chef sommelier

    Has been working as a sommelier since 2007. Took several courses in Germany and Burgundy (Ecole de Bourgogne). Dmitry worked as a chief sommelier at the Selfie restaurant of the WRF holding. Essential part of his work is the preparation of wine lists for all segments, as well as navigation through them. He loves wine at all stages - from a vine to a glass in a hand. Appreciates the opportunity to touch the art of talented winemakers.

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Sun-Thu 12:00 - 00:00
Fri-Sat 12:00 - 02:00
Novy Arbat, 28